Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: The Economic Sports Car?


A Golf GTI hybrid, on paper, it’s just great! The pleasure of a bombinette with the flavors of yesteryear with the pleasure of consuming less than a diesel! The Golf GTE – it’s his name – is sold since 2014. I suggest you follow me for a test: is it a real pleasure car? Is it so economical? Is it a safe purchase?



2014 – ….

  Dimensions 4.27 x 1.80 x 1.48 meters
  Weight 1,530 kg
  Gearbox Automatic, 6-speed
  Transmission Traction
1.4 liter turbo
4 cyl. online 150 hp
Electrical block 102 hp
204 hp
160 Nm / 6 hp
  0 to 100 km / h 7 “6
  Max. 222 km / h
  Consumption 1.5 L / 100 km
  New Price 40 500 €
Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: the economic sports car?


The Volkswagen Golf GTE is a car I’ve never really been interested in. The enthusiast that I am has always had eyes only for the GTI if one approaches the compact German. Taking control of this hybrid version – but sporting – is therefore pure discovery.

The sporting range of the Golf is now very complete: GTI for the amateurs of gasoline models, GTE for urban and big wheelers, and GTD for those who see only by the diesel … Even if the latter is nothing athletic.

Well, let’s get back to the GTE. Aesthetically, it resembles strongly its sisters with thermal engine: same bumper, same general line … Only a difference in color jumps to eyes: the use of the blue color wherever the GTI red emphasizes . There is even blue in the headlights!

So there is no wrong note! It is a balanced, racy and well-balanced line in the age of time. Neither bland nor too exuberant. I valid. Continue our tour of the beautiful.

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: the economic sports car?

If the exterior is in any way similar to a GTI, there are some details that differ, but they are small. There are the original rims in 17 inches for example, which our copy does (fortunately) own. They are almost full rims, visually heavy, intended to lower consumption (and aesthetics, ed.).

At the rear, the roof spoiler also accommodates a brilliant black extension, also intended to improve aerodynamics. Unlike GTI and GTD, only the 5-door body is offered in GTE.

On the front fenders, the GTE logo takes place. The whole gives a perfect consistency to the GTE, I greatly appreciate. The touches of blue, often used by manufacturers to show a clean and reassuring side, are not here too engaging.

Only detail to my eyes that disturbs me a little: the brake calipers blue. If they characteristically BMW sports engines, I find them a little too much on this Golf. Tastes and colors, as the saying goes! And you, what do you say about it

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: the economic sports car?


Before starting the beast, let’s see inside this Golf GTE. Volkswagen has a reputation for offering somewhat austere interiors. This is not the case with this GTE whose blue plaid upholstery jumps directly to the eyes. Different touches of color are disseminated in different places. For the retro side, it is successful, because the first Golf GTI (yes, 1976, it goes up!) Already sported them, but in red.

The seat, first of all, is done in semi-hard buckets but offering excellent support. These are fabric seats, exclusively, leather being optional. The dashboard is of a rather classic but modern design.

The semi-digital instrumentation indicates both the load of the electric block and the engine speed when the thermal block is activated. It is readable, the information is accessible to all. What more ?

From the central screen, you can access a lot of data, including the traction between the two blocks, instantaneous consumption, driving information, navigation or audio system (very good sound quality, too!) .


Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: the economic sports car?

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: the economic sports car?

The habitability is relatively good, the back clears enough room for two adults. Nice point: the foam reinforcements at the bottom of the pockets; put down your keys, you will not hear a sound.

The trunk volume is satisfactory. At PDLV, we do not focus on the volume calculated at the nearest deciliter. For a couple and two children, the volume will be sufficient on a daily basis, except perhaps to go on holiday!

The Golf GTE being a hybrid car, the electric part induces the location of a battery that takes place under the trunk. The particularity is that it is a rechargeable hybrid. We’re going to come right after that, it’s very advantageous.

But before that: practical question! Can you reload the Golf GTE directly at home! Yes, absolutely! From the touch screen of the dashboard, you can even define the amperage, the duration of recharging … It is amazing.

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: the economic sports car?


Let’s get to the heart of the matter: what is driving the Volkswagen Golf GTE?

Well, there are two things.

The first is the 150 PSI 1.4 TSI petrol engine. An engine already tested on the Golf and which is reputed for its appetite of sparrow. The second is a 102 horsepower electric motor. You’re going to say, ” Why is it 204 horsepower and not 252 then? “, To which I’ll say that it’s maximum power, the two can not be 100% cumulative, so the up to a maximum of 204 horsepower. But do not worry, it’s already pretty bad!

The advantage of a rechargeable hybrid car is that one can drive in electric mode exclusively, either exclusively thermal or both combined. Having tried all three, my preference goes to the hybrid mode, the most effective, with nice resumes.

So no, the Golf GTE is not a sporty one, it weighs more than 1.5 tons. But this is filled with good road capabilities and especially, the DSG6 automatic transmission which has three clutch: two for the engine and one for the electric part.

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE: the economic sports car?


The GTE Golf is extremely flexible to drive, never in a hurry, it’s very soft. Too mild can be even since the sporting side could be more asserted, the fault with the absence of the sport chassis. The sound, very artificial and quite unpleasant does not change anything.

Fortunately, it is always to take pleasure in driving this Volkswagen Golf Hybrid: the handling is excellent, the car turns flat, offers satisfying resumes and has a tiered gearbox.

No parasitic noise, everything is assembled with rigor, this Golf runs without flinching (well not too much). It lacks this little grain of madness to convince the amateurs of small sportsmen.

Yet, with the 0 to 100 km / h in just 7.7 seconds, this compact does not demerit. Especially if you add to this a consumption in mixed cycle of 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers. In fact, it’s a little more, but it’s still reasonable.