Ways to build the career in cloud computing

Ways to build the career in cloud computing

Over the past few years, business migration to cloud technology is growing exponentially, and now a quality cloud provider has become one of the key factors for its successful conduct. Naturally, the growth of the market caused an increase in the number of available jobs and the growth of business interest in qualified specialists.

Initially, there was an increased demand for those skills that were mainly focused on the implementation and support of cloud platforms. However, over time, protection from cyber security threats has become a major challenge for companies. After the recent attacks of extortion viruses, and the massive leakage of personal data into the network, there has been an increase in interest in non-core employees, especially in cyber security professionals.

The concept of cloud computing or cloud computing has become a lot of trading lately, everyone is talking about it as the next big technology, because of the useful services it provides to companies and institutions.

Because this is a very wide area, and very few have the skills and expertise needed, we will try to quickly go over some basic information about cloud computing here, and perhaps we will devote a long article later.

Cloud computing concept:

Called services available to users to access data and software or integrated operating systems anywhere and at any time through the device connected to the Internet and a browser.

This means that as a user you do not need to store your data, or your programs in your personal computer, everything you want is stored on the Internet.

If companies allow you to store your data in their servers and allow you to use high-quality devices or give you the power to operate in full servers. Of course, not all services are free, there are paid services and services are not paid.

Benefits to companies:

  • Reduce the cost of purchasing licensed software
  • The great saving of the cost of buying appliances
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and technical support
  • Secure the protection of data and important files
  • Easy access to data which helps companies keep business continuity

Ways to build the career in cloud computing

  1. Amazon Certified Solutions Architect

Description: This test tests the user’s knowledge about the Amazon Web Services cloud and how to deploy applications on it. Topics covered include how to design and deploy AWS applications, input and output data to and from AWS, select the appropriate AWS service and knowledge of AWS best practices.

Cost: 150 dollars; $ 20 per practice test.

Other similar certifications: AWS also offers Certified Solutions Architect Professional; AWS Certified Developer Associate; AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate and AWS Certified DevOps certification.

  1. CompTIA Cloud + Certification

Description: This exam is from the Information Technology Industry Association and is intended to demonstrate knowledge of cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure management, security and resource management. It is intended for data centre, network or storage administrators who wish to transfer their knowledge to IaaS cloud platforms.

Cost: 277 dollars.

Other similar certifications: There are many other independent training and certification programs from third parties such as CloudAcademy.com and CloudSchool.com. CBT Nuggets offers training on a variety of topics, including cloud computing. CompTIA Cloud Essentials is another CompTIA cloud-centric certification for non-IT managers or personnel.

Description: The CCSK of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) tests extensive knowledge of security issues in the cloud, including architecture, governance, compliance, operations, encryption and virtualization.

Requirements: The body of knowledge for the CCSK exam is the CSA security guide for critical areas focused on cloud computing V3

Cost: 345 dollars.

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Description: The Cisco CCNA Cloud tests a variety of topics in the cloud, including features and cloud deployments, knowledge of networking in the cloud, end-user support, infrastructure management, chargeback and billing, cloud provisioning, systems administration and remediation. It focuses on Cisco’s cloud products and is valid for three years. There is also a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) for the cloud exam. Cisco offers training courses for both.

Cost: $ 499

  1. Qualified Google Cloud Platform Developer

Description: Google offers five exams of its cloud platform focused on various specialities within the Google cloud. Users who pass all five become a qualified developer of Google’s cloud platform. Topics include Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Big Query, and Google Compute Engine.

Cost: $ 100 per exam; five exams in total to become a qualified Google Cloud Platform developer.

  1. Certified Solution Architect IBM – cloud computing infrastructure

Description: This test tests the management and design principles of an IBM cloud infrastructure, including planning a roadmap, integrating systems, configuring resources and managing operation, providing services and the maintenance of the cloud.

Cost: $ 200 in developed countries; 100 dollars in emerging countries.

Other similar certifications: IBM has a variety of other certifications in the cloud, including Certified Application Developer, which focuses on the domain of the company’s Bluemix PaaS offering, as well as Certified Solution Advisor for cloud architecture, which is for the technology providers of the cloud.

  1. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

Description: Microsoft has three Azure IaaS public cloud certifications; If you complete all you will be an architect of Azure solutions. The individual certifications include one focused on the developer, one of implementation specialist for IT professionals, and one of architecture.

On the private cloud side, there are five exams that focus on the configuration and administration aspects of Systems Center and Windows Server. Microsoft offers personal classes, as well as books and online courses for each.

Cost: 150 dollars.

  1. Certified OpenStack Administrator

Description: In mid-2016, the OpenStack Foundation (a body that governs the open source project) will offer a certification program for OpenStack administrators. The test will be administered by the Linux Foundation

Other similar certifications: Many OpenStack open source project companies offer their own training and certifications.

  1. Rackspace CloudU certification

Description: Rackspace developed Rackspace CloudU as a neutral cloud education program designed to educate people about the fundamentals of cloud computing. Topics include cloud economics, understanding of several cloud piles and best practices for migrations and cloud configurations. There is a final exam at the end of the 10 free online sessions.

Best cloud-focused functions:

  • The architecture of architectural fasteners
  • software engineer
  • Cloud salesperson, cloud sales manager, cloud sales consultant
  • Systems Engineer Fasteners
  • Cloud Services Developer
  • Cloud Systems Manager
  • Consultant with traction
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Product Manager