Ways To Keep Pest Away From Work Area

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It is not surprising that you spend most of your time in your workplace. So no doubt, you should keep it clean as your home. Rodents and pests can be a real turn off for your potential customers as well as your employees. Apart from the irritation of finding things damaged, rodents and pests create a negative impact on the place and make the area look dirty. Pests and rodents also make the space unhygienic as they are directly linked to asthma, rabies and Lyme diseases. One of the most common workplace pets, rodents are responsible for spreading various viruses and parasites.

A sure shot way to know if your workplace is infested by pests and other rodents is by looking at the signs of infestations. One obvious way to know the presence of pests is spotting a live or dead rat around your workplace premises. Look out for gnawed or nibbled packages. Also see if you find droppings, especially in dark areas or corners. Once you have identified the presence of these uninvited guests in your workplace, the next step is to find ways to stop them from causing further damage. Availing Pest control Mumbai services is a viable option and can help with most of your office pest problems. There are other DIY ways too to keep the pests at bay.

  • Seal their entry points: Unlike humans, rodents and pests do not require biometric authentication to invade your workplace. The tiniest of opening, cracks in walls, humid patches and anything can pave the way for pest infestation. But by eliminating the source of food, water and shelter, we can stress the pests and create an environment where they do not want to stay any longer. The first step towards the same is to keep your workplace clean, especially the washrooms. Sealing any cracks, leakages and holes using ceramic is a good thing to do. Strengthening your maintenance team is also essential.
  • Sharing is caring but beware: It is a common practice to share food and snacks in the workplace. What is not common is the cleaning procedure after we are done. The leftover food that is left open for a night is a major attraction for pests and rodents. Even the food crumbs that fall on the ground is enough to attract pests. It is not just enough to keep your tables and countertops spick and span; it is also important to keep away the food in sealed containers and mount storage shelves on the concrete surface to prevent tunnelling.
  • Keep your surrounding clean: A clean environment is a setback for pests and rodents. Decrease natural food availability within the premises by removing fruits and leaves. Educate your employees about the need for cleanliness and hygiene and continue to do all the above-mentioned things regularly.

While these small changes can help you keep away pests for a considerable time, availing Pest control Mumbai services can help to eradicate pests for the long term. This in turn, will keep your workplace spotless for a longer duration.