Wear a Long Pixie Cut and Let the Inner Diva Shine!

Wear a Long Pixie Cut

Having long hair means that women have to spend some time on their maintenance and styling because they always have to look good and leave good impact over everyone. For most of them, it becomes an uphill task and so, they ask for a better alternative that looks good and doesn’t seem to ask for much care. Long pixie cuts usually turn out to be the perfect option in this regard as they are easy to take care of and give a girly and fresh look. They have a lot of variations to suit all hair textures and face shapes. It’s just the matter of knowledge and selection of the right long pixie cut. So, have a look at some of the hottest hairstyles of today:

1. Rooty Blonde Pixie

Shine like a star with this messy look and let everyone to appreciate that dramatic shadow finish created by the dark base. To complement, highlight the remaining hair with sport silvery streaks and sandy blonde hue to enhance appeal. Sweep the top at one side and allow flirty bangs to fall freely.

Side Part Chocolate Mauve

In order to go for longer length in pixie cut, don’t forget to do it with style. Color the hair with chocolate mauve hue with blond patches to give that sexy contrast. For finishing, add some waves at the end for classic twist.

2.Short Edgy Bob

Having short length doesn’t mean that women couldn’t have a romantic look. This edgy bob has got everything that is needed. With dark brown shade at the base and blanketed look at the neck, women can always see a significant change in their appearance. For added beauty, go for blonde highlight!

3. Sleek Ginger Brown Pixie

Every long pixie cut allows women to either style in the messy or smooth way. This hairstyle encourages smooth styling that goes well with formal wear. Its ginger brown hair always give a sleek finish while sweeping the hair from one side to the back ensures elegance.

4. Red Curly Pixie

Shaving a side to blonde hair gives a cool touch to the appearance. Create a side part followed by curling the top hair then allow them to sit loosely. Keep the blonde base intact and give red brown hue to the remaining portion. This long pixie cut gives a messy and cool finish in the end.

5. Pomp-Style with Silver Lighting

When it comes to having a sexy pomp-style, this pixie cut could be the perfect option. Start with shaving the sides and get a tapered look. Then move ahead and texture the top. Be sure to sweep at the front nicely to get that pomp look and for the sparkling touch, add silver color.

Swept and Layered Red Purple Pixie

Show off creativity and style sense with this long pixie cut. Start with a side part and brush it to get a sleek look. Now give different lengths to the hair and highlight in a red hue with sport purple patches as contrast to the blonde base.

There are more long pixie haircuts to look at. Women just have to find out which hairstyle would look best on them and decide accordingly. If needed, they can also ask the specialists for suitable recommendations.