What Are The Most Successful Team Building Events?

Most Successful Team Building Events

Activities That Will Allow Your Employees To Shine

Learn the need to identify the skills you want to bring out of your team members and examples of activities that will encouragethem to achieve.

If you’re looking to increase your company profit margins, then you might choose to focus on improving yourmarketing, changing your pricing strategy or even utilising new tech to boost your figures. As important as all these aspects are, don’t forget how your employees can affect your bottom line. A study provided by Kenexa Research Institute proves that investing in your employees is one of the most profitable strategies you should adopt. In particular, companies made up of employees who are highly engaged, make twice the annual net income of those with staff who feel disengaged. A pattern to note is that 50% of the workforces who transformed their communication within the workplace, put their successdown to increased social interaction outside of the office environment.

If you’d like to take immediate steps to strengthen the bond between your staff members, then take a look at these successful team building events.

Smoothie Does It

This nutritious fix will pack a punch both for the diet of your employees as well as the health of your organisation. Divide your staff into two teams and give them access to a blender, plenty of fruit and spices. The goal is for your teams to come up with a brand-new smoothie recipe; they should then design a catchy logo for it, and put together a presentation to market it. This event is successful because it encourages creativity, but is also revealing to leaders, as it will identify which members of your team excel at public speaking and promotions.

Soap Box Derby

In this activity, which is held by Zing Events team building company, teams compete to construct and then race their very own soap box. They’ll need to demonstrate their ability to listen to the professional advice delivered in the workshop, and then be inventive in terms of creating a vehicle with the supplied materials. Staff will work closely together, listening to each other’s ideas and voicing their construction strategy. Leaders will emerge, but ultimately it’s an entire team effort as everyone will be cheering their soap box along and willing it across the finish line in one piece.

The Trading Floor

If you’re looking for a team building activity which will improve your team’s strategic planning as well as encouraging individuals to take responsibility, then this event is a good choice for you. Events that are popular tend to get the most from your workers, and this one is incredibly entertaining. The ‘business tycoon’ character will open the show and is integral to creating an activity that feels extremely authentic. This is an effective simulation of the fast-paced trading floor environment which will be well-known to those working in the financial industry. Your employees will experience highs and lows along with the natural fluctuations of stocks, and their decision-making skills will be tested to the max.

Of course, the events that are most effective for your company may be completely different to those that work well for another organisation. Start by setting out what you want to achieve; is it better communication, identifying potential leaders or polishing those problem-solving skills? Focusing on the end goal will help in determining the events that are most valuable for you.