What should one absolutely not do when visiting UAE


UAE, especially Dubai has become a hotshot destination in the recent times. But, the city still has quite a lot of apprehensions. When you plan a vacation to UAE, remember to keep the following pointers in mind. And while most of the itinerary planners will tell you what to do on your vacation to Dubai, the most intuitive trip planner will also suggest what not to!

Have a look at the list of things you should give a miss to, on your visit to UAE:

  • Do not even thinking of drinking in public.
    Drinking is strictly prohibited in UAE. While you plan a vacation, remember to keep in mind the permissible age as you can get into a lot of trouble otherwise. The authorities are really strict and bribing definitely does not work here.
  • Eat outside during the holy festival of Ramadan.
    The festival of Ramadan is very close to the religion of Islam. As there is a majority of Islam here, it is extremely important that you do not just end up eating food outside when people are fasting for hours. It is extremely disrespectful to their culture and not at all advisable for you to actually eat during this time.
  • Keep your PDAs private!
    Public displays of affection is something you really should not indulge in while in UAE. Just like it was in ‘Sex and the city’, sex is a major taboo and is quite disrespectful to even mention the word openly. Do not indulge in any sexual acts, otherwise you can even be jailed.
  • Taking any photos of important government structures
    UAE keeps safety as an extremely important part of its security. If you are randomly caught clicking pictures of any military structures, government buildings or anything that can compromise the safety of the nation, then you are sure to be questioned and even jailed. It is important to not even click random people, otherwise you might land into a lot of trouble.  
  • Buying prescription medicines without any proof
    Just like USA, you need to have an accompanying prescription in order to procure the prescribed medicines. Not all over the counter medicines can be bought and if you are found carrying them as well, you might land in jail for being in possession of drugs.  
  • Getting drugged
    Alcoholism is still permitted but getting drugged is a strict no-no. The authorities are so strict here, that if you are caught then you might even end up in jail for a lifetime. It is better to enjoy your vacation and not indulge in any activity that can cut short the happiness which comes with holidaying in the UAE.
  • Not being modest while clothing
    When you think of dressing up, do not wear extremely short clothes as this can call for a lot of unwanted attention. The ladies here are dressed in Burkhas (except for places in Dubai and most of Abu Dhabi), but if you are visiting traditional areas, remember to be decently dressed.