Why are Pinoy dramas still unable to get noticed in Hollywood?


It is true that Pinoy dramas are some of the most melodramatic audiences in TV soap opera history. But apart from being having so perfect storyline, cast, and production team, they should have been on the one of the most expert levels but sadly they are not. Even though they have made their prominent place among other Asian countries but Hollywood or any other major industry is far. Why is that so? Some of the major reasons are discussed below.

  • Sometimes the Fashion sense is not relatable with real world

The whole world is a global village now and everybody knows the other’s lifestyle, what they wear, how do they talk, etc. In this kind of fast world when some of the prominent Pinoy actors are shown lying in the living room, wearing any red silk gown with heavy jewelry then its looks obsolete. People can’t relate themselves to it.

When you will watch some of the dramas at http://www.pinoyreplay.biz/, then you would be able to see that Christopher de Leon is always wearing a tux in normal evenings as well without no reason or the Susan Roces is going to a cocktail party in daily evenings. So, this would be a joke for you and won’t be able to grasp it at all as it looks fake.

  • Difference between a theatre and a drama is sometimes ignored

Many people have objected that when they were watching Pinoy drama or any series, it seemed to them just as a play. Everybody was shouting and recalling every syllable. They never speak at a reasonable volume, even when they are talking to someone just inches away. In Hollywood dramas, we hear a lot of murmurs and whispers, and characters speak just like normal people do which looks very relatable. If Pinoy actors would do that here, it would look more realistic and more connected with the audience.

  • Large number of episodes per week loses the audience’s interest

In the US and in other major drama industries, they only show one fresh episode per week, or two at the most. Here in Pinoy drama industry, the story continues every night. Before people would know about it, the series is over in 3-4 months. When writers and directors are supposed to constantly produce episodes within a short timeline, audiences are bound to be served with crappy and low-quality material and a lot of unnecessary buffers just to keep the show running. The reason why US shows are good is that they allocate enough time to invest in quality, not quantity. This is one of the major reasons that still Pinoy dramas are failed to be unnoticed there. But, if you want to watch fresh episodes every night then just visit http://www.pinoyreplay.biz/, for latest Pinoy dramas.

  • Megastar Cast is also a big problem

In most of the Pinoy dramas, you would expect to see these stars such as Cherry Pie Picache, Mark Gil, Tirso Cruz III, Joel Torre, Eula Valdez, Tonton Guiterrez, etc. They think that megastar cast leads to serve larger masses and better publicity. But in reality, there is no need that every character should be played by a famous actor because some of the newest junior actors also work very well. So, there’s no point left.