Why is a CCTV camera needed for your home?

CCTV camera needed for your home

Any good home security assessment would emphasise the need for CCTV cameras for home. The rationale behind the same is quite simple, CCTV enables top-notch security for your family and home. In today’s world, a high degree of a premium is placed on security, it would feel incomplete if there were no CCTV cameras.

To better illustrate how CCTV’s can help your home security, we have given some points below:

1) Discourages bad elements

Reports show that a house with CCTV has a lesser chance of getting burgled compared to a house which does not have CCTV facility. It discourages thieves and robbers as they can be easily identified by law enforcement agencies after a theft or robbery. Most of the premises having CCTV cameras put out a board that says “the area is under CCTV surveillance”, the fear of the CCTV is so significant on the anti-social elements that not only they avoid visiting such premises but also stay away from such neighbourhoods.

2) CCTV can act as a proof in the court of law

CCTV is proving to be an ideal instrument as a witness in proving the guilt of the criminal. As modern cameras have high resolutions, the face of the criminal is easily recognizable and the law enforcement agencies can easily prove it. Before the advent of CCTV’s, police used to draw a sketch of the accused criminal and would have a hard time catching him as the sketch would not be accurate.

3) Peace of mind

By installing CCTV security system in your home premises, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while sitting at your office or factory as you can keep a watch on your home through internet. IP CCTV cameras let you watch your home anywhere in the world. You can relax completely even when you are on a vacation as you can keep an eye on your house whenever you want.

4) 24 X 7 monitoring

Unlike a security guard who gets tired after doing an 8 or 12-hour shift, CCTV’s can monitor your house round the clock 24/7 throughout the year as it’s a machine and doesn’t get tired. Some of the modern cameras have inbuilt power backup that keeps them working even when there is a power cut. Also, infrared cameras can see and record any activity that happens in the night time.

5) CCTV with alarm can prevent a crime

Modern security systems have CCTV as its core element and can prevent a prospective criminal activity from happening. New cameras with heat-sensing features that have alarm systems attached to it can alert you and law enforcement agencies, in the event of anybody entering your premises.

Today wherever you go be it a mall or an airport, you would notice plenty of CCTV cameras everywhere. You don’t need a 360 degree home security assessment to know the reason behind it. A CCTV system is a great crime deterrent for the household and other public places.