Why more women should get into Rugby

Why more women should get into Rugby

Rugby is not just a man’s game, in fact there are more than 15,000 women and girls playing the sport in England alone. It is growing in popularity and increasingly being adopted by schools as part of their PE curriculum for girls. Here are some reasons why more females might find rugby fun and engaging:


Rugby is both physically and mentally challenging, requiring determination and the ability to push yourself to the limits. This might sound tough, but it’s exhilarating, fun and definitely not dull. For details on how to conduct the perfect Rugby Drill, visit https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/

  1. Self-Esteem

Rugby works wonders for helping girls to think about their bodies in a more positive way. It’s such a physical game, that a certain level of strength and fitness is required so while you’re busy building muscle and sprinting around, you won’t be obsessing about dieting or thinking of your body only in terms of fashion or attracting the opposite sex. or attracting boys.

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3.Making friends

The bond between team mates is strong, with many becoming like an extended family. The challenges you go through together during training and matches brings you closer together as a unit. There will be many opportunities to socialise off the pitch and share some great camaraderie with your team mates.

4.Being a part of something

It feels amazing to be a part of something, achieving wins, titles, trophies and competitions. The sense of accomplishment when you beat a really tough opponent is worth all sweat and tears. Rugby doesn’t have to be about winning to be fun. Plenty of people take up the sport for its health benefits and social aspects.

  1. Ultimate Workout

For some people, jogging or going to the gym is just not their thing. If getting fit and spending time outside with like-minded people is important to get you motivated, then team sports are for you. Rugby is also the ultimate workout, combining aerobic and anaerobic elements and both upper and lower body exercise.

  1. Rugby is for All

Rugby is a very inclusive sport. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male, female, tall, short, pear-shaped or whatever! Whatever your size and shape, everyone has a strength that can be applied in rugby.

  1. Increased confidence

The fitter you get, the better you feel and engaging in team sports increases confidence too. There are many different skills to be picked up playing rugby that are not necessarily physical. Co-operation, leadership, communication and teamwork skills can all be honed and applied in school or work life too.

  1. Eat without guilt

If you love your food, wouldn’t it be wonderful to eat without guilt? After 80 minutes of tough exercise, yes you can eat that roast dinner and pudding! Rugby burns a lot of calories, so make the most of your post-match hunger and dig in without sin.